Sunday, June 7, 2009

Surgery is Definite

Linus's sutures did not hold, so Dr. George came back Wednesday to try again. Those lasted for two days, and then they needed to be removed. His "organ" was becoming more and more swollen and began cutting circulation off to the end of itself. Ehhh... this is not what I wanted to hear.

We discussed options, and it is clear now that surgery is our only choice. The entire organ needs to be amputated. The surgeon will fully anesthetize him, and then remove the majority of the organ. Then, the urethra is carefully restructured so that he will still be able to urinate normally.

There is a fairly good success rate with this procedure, but there are also quite a few complications that can arise both during and after the surgery. Bleeding is a major concern, as there are quite a few major blood vessels in the area.

It's not a simple process. Nor is it an inexpensive one. Penile amputations run about $2500.00.... Thankfully, we explained our situation to an equine hospital, and they can do the procedure at a discount for $1,700.

Currently, we have already spent nearly $700 on Linus's rescue and veterinary bills. We did not plan on this horse's rehabilitation costing this much, and we need everyone's help! His surgery cannot be scheduled until we raise enough money for the procedure. Any help that you can give us would be greatly appreciated!


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