Sunday, June 21, 2009

Surgical Estimate

The past few days here at the farm have been ridiculously busy, so I apologize for not posting updates sooner!

Linus had made absolutely amazing improvements in such a short time! The weight tape says that he has put on 40 pounds so far, which is just incredible. He looks a million times better than he did back on June 2nd.

He is all set for surgery on June 30th. We recently received a written estimate from the clinic for the procedure, pictured below. The estimate now totals $1711.96 but may change depending on any issues they encounter during the procedure, if he needs additional anesthesia, etc.

We are so close to reaching our goal for Linus! We only need $350 more to cover the expenses for his surgery. Please click below to help us out!

Julie & Linus


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